Defiance goes live!

Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:25 pm by Rousel

So the moment we have been waiting for, Defiance is now live [Edit because I'm A idiot] on 2/4/13!

With this I know for the first few weeks, we won't be doing much, but once we're settled in, lets see what this community can do!

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Live chat [Shoutbox] get together.

Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:19 am by Rousel

Hello there community,

While we are still small, live-chat contact is very minimal, that is why I am hoping to make a time for us to get together on the chat and have a little bit of a banter.

The time will be 18:00 GMT -0, I am not sure how this works for you, please post below if you wish to change this time.

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Beta Weekend, 8'th - 10'th for the PC.

Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:56 am by Rousel

Coming on the 8'th to the 10'th is a up-coming Beta stress test.

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Lydia Ritter - Ex-EMC

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Lydia Ritter - Ex-EMC

Post  Pallasch on Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:03 am

Lydia Ritter
Alias: Ace of Spades, The Immortal
Affiliation: Former EMC, Independent
Age/DOB: 38, 11/7/2008
Race: Human Cyborg
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Mixed
Marital Status: Unknown
Military Status: Retired
Height: 5, 9"
Weight: 159 lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Build: Athletic
Complexion: Pale, freckles
Biography: Precious little could be gleaned about the former Lieutenant Ritter's pre-service history, not because she was particularly enigmatic about it, but because she was remarkably average. Born in Park Slope, New York to a lower class family, she attended public schools until High School, where her family moved to Pittsburgh and she graduated there. Eventually, she graduated from the Pittsburgh Technical Institute and lacking qualifications for scholarships, enlisted in the EMC to put together the money to get into the Swanson School of Engineering once she was out.

Unfortunately, she wasn't entirely up to speed on the war and soon ended up dragged across the continental US on sortie after sortie, finding herself getting battlefield promotion after battlefield promotion due to having to rapidly link up with random EMC squads she came across. Eventually, her luck ran out and she didn't have a random squad to jump to when her's was utterly obliterated by a Dark Matter Monolith in Georgia. Not that she was in any condition to walk, most of her armor was reduced to slag and molten metal, and her personal shields were shot.

Lydia was recovered by settlers and moved to Sherman during a six month long coma after five years of winging everything due to high casualty counts from her units. During which time, she was implanted with a cybernetic spinal column and both a bionic arm and leg, along with several skin grafts and numerous patch-jobs in order to get her back up to fight, which she wasn't particularly pleased about, but she found herself in no condition to complain, as internal damage had done a great violence to her vocal chords, forcing her to limit her speech. After finding out she was being given a mercy-killing by proxy from the base commander who was allowing her to fight the Votanis Collective as opposed to being tried and executed on counts of dereliction of duty and desertion so she could go down as a war hero instead of a traitor, she snapped.

Ritter linked up with the Iron Demons after receiving a new kit in order to go where the fighting was thickest, and with them, went to San Francisco, where she fought in the Battle of Defiance. Things went better than she anticipated, the new implants allowing her a substantial boost in operational efficiency, resilience and aggression, her killer instinct honed and turned on the Ekaru Korne... and then Dark Matter arrived. Lydia quickly found herself impaled on a charge-blade, and left to die. After a timely rescue from an EMC trooper, she was dragged off the field, dying, and it seemed like a miracle was what it would take to save her.

Fortunately, a miracle was exactly what she got.

Or a terraform explosion. Opinions vary to this day.

Charges were dropped once the dust settled, and she was given a medical discharge She settled in Paradise once everything was done, taking up a job as a militiawoman with the self imposed task of protecting the Consulate. Psychologically, she became far more withdrawn, broken down and melancholy, taking potshots at bandits stupid enough to attack people on what she called 'her turf.' Hellbugs were a non-issue for her. She flung herself at things with reckless abandon, not because her tactical knowledge told her it was a good idea, but because she became tired, attempting a suicide by whatever atrocity she encountered, and like every major battle she partook in, coming up short and coming out alive...

((Wanted to cover the big things in one section, and then adjust and elaborate on other portions, sort of like having a preliminary timeline together.))


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