Defiance goes live!

Sun Mar 31, 2013 11:25 pm by Rousel

So the moment we have been waiting for, Defiance is now live [Edit because I'm A idiot] on 2/4/13!

With this I know for the first few weeks, we won't be doing much, but once we're settled in, lets see what this community can do!

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Live chat [Shoutbox] get together.

Fri Feb 15, 2013 4:19 am by Rousel

Hello there community,

While we are still small, live-chat contact is very minimal, that is why I am hoping to make a time for us to get together on the chat and have a little bit of a banter.

The time will be 18:00 GMT -0, I am not sure how this works for you, please post below if you wish to change this time.

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Beta Weekend, 8'th - 10'th for the PC.

Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:56 am by Rousel

Coming on the 8'th to the 10'th is a up-coming Beta stress test.

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My Story From Birth to the Beginning

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My Story From Birth to the Beginning

Post  TheeApothecary on Sun Mar 03, 2013 6:23 am

(leaving surname of character out so it doesnt get taken and disclaimers as well as we dont know much about the game atm)

Matthew was born july 22nd of 2229, born in The United States of America to his Mother and Father who originated in England, His father was a Member of the staff at the British Embassy in the US and His Mother was one of the many assistants to the Senior Ambassadors, Matt had hazel eyes and brown hair.

August of 2033 an evacuation of the Embassy was ordered, His parents, himself three years old at the time, two mechanics and three guards and a teacher left in the 2nd to the back vehicle of the column, they where about halfway to there destination when the earth began to shake. Matt could see two vehicles forwards there seemed to be a group of men in white coats handling some sort of blue rock. Suddenly the Earth itself erupted out burst creatures covered in razor sharp appendage. The vehicle in front of the overturned and flew off the side of the road then all in there vehicle could see, these insect like creatures ripped the vehicle roof open with ease, and dragged out the people inside the car and took the blue rock away. More bugs began to swarm the other vehicles in the column. There driver took quick action and floored it off into the wilderness, before anyone could even react to what just happened, everyone inside was shaken and confused, He found his mother holding him incredibly tight against her chest and the smell of perspiration filled the vehicle. Maybe a about 50 miles later the vehicle gave out, its suspension destroyed and fragmented.

Everyone agreed the would have to leave the Vehicle taking the supplies that where packed in the vehicle, The guards seemed uneasy holding there weapons with safety's off at the ready, My father took a case from the vehicle and popped out an Bolt action rifle, The mechanics salvaged what they could from the Vehicle and we all headed off into the wilderness. My mother holding my hand tight and keeping me close to her so I wouldn't be out of her sight.

What had felt like ages later, we came across a house in the forest it was a wood hut of what one of the guards said was most likely a mountain man in this area.

We took the curtsy to knock at the door there was no answer, so the guards went in first with everyone else close behind, not long after we had gone through the whole building it was empty and quiet, everyone took to making camp inside the houses living room trying to find somewhere to settle in, in till we believed no one lived here.

It was dark late at night when I and the others where woken up by the door swinging open, a Bearded man had come in brandishing a shotgun and a torch taped to the bottom of it, the light blinded my vision as he swung round his gun in the room.

He shouted in a deep ancient voice "who the hell are you and why are you in my house"

The guard who was on watch out, was in the centre of the man's view, he told his colleges not to try anything while he took to trying to explain the situation to the man.

Years past 10 to be exact everyone was still hanging in there just about, we had founded are own small little community and where living off the land and keeping are selves alive, we had tried contacting others but we could get nothing it seemed like there had be a complete communication black out. My mother said it was my birthday and every year it had seemed to bring are community together the fact a child could still be happy in what was a horrible world with alien flora and fauna everywhere mixed in with are own.

As a surprise the Old man, my father and the head guard took me out hunting, so I could learn the ways to survive, it was late afternoon when I was given the chance to try to kill my first deer, we had, had a successful hunt so far and luck seemed to be everywhere for us, My father passed me the rifle and the others waited as my father explained to me what to do

He said "breath in and hold your breath and try to shoot in between the beats of your heart".

I listened to his instructions, took aim breathed in and fired it felt like slow motion, the deer hit the ground and we all slowly approached the creature.

When we reached it, it was still breathing the bullet had gone through its hind legs taking it down, The old man held out his knife and said "its your kill lad, put it out of its misery"

I slowly took hold of the knife and slit the creatures throat along its jugular vein.

We returned that evening with are catch and the community feasted, I had gained much knowledge from my superiors it was a perfect community, I had learned skills that would help us, I learned first aid from my mother who would treat the wounds the others sustained, The Old man showed me how to identify edible and useful fauna and flora, My father and the old man taught me how to shoot, The head guard a war veteran taught me the use of a combat blade for close quarters fighting, the mechanics taught me how to repair the Old man's quad bikes and snowmobiles.

But a perfect environment had to end at some point. Just over a year later, The old man came back with a blue rock, no one recognised it but I, it was seared into the back on my brain that day when the bugs came.

That night I couldn't sleep, I was right to be worried, it was at its darkest point when they attacked, most of the group where cut down before they could even go for a weapon, My parents and I made a run for it and one of the guards, the other two where to busy fighting the bugs to run and the old man was to busy shooting at them and shouting about it is his land at the bugs like they could understand, my father carried his rifle under his arm and the guard ran with his assault rifle, I ran alongside each other.

The next morning the events had seemed like a blur it was so sudden, us who had escaped sat in a tree.

It was about a week later before we noticed anything was wrong with the guard, he had been wounded in the escape and had neglected his wound, not long later he perished from an infection.

Now it was just the three of us. Me and my Mother and Father, wondering the wastes.

A few months passed before we saw another bug we where crossing a hilly area, It attacked out of no where the bugger rushed my father cutting him down with its scything talons in an instance, before charging my mother and leaping towards her, she struck it out of the air, but not before it had struck her with one of its talons, The bug went flying of the edge of the cliff and plummeted down to somewhere below.

Me and My mother where with my father for his final moments, he handed me his rifle and gave my mother a kiss on the cheek before passing on. we spent the rest of the day putting my father to rest burying him in the earth.

Not long after that a couple of days at least, my mother became to weak to go anywhere from her wound and grief as she died she gave me her necklace, it was silver with a dove holding an olive branch in the centre of it, she told me to wear it and she would always watch over me, I put it on before she past away, I kissed her on the forehead and closed her eyes, a tear ran down my face. I had to bury my mother body alone. I said my final farewells and left into the wilderness. and I promised myself I would kill the bug that killed everyone I cared about.

I survived a cycle of world, winter was hard food was scarce it was early spring when I heard gunfire in the distance.

I tracked to sound towards its source, it was in a valley.

I saw huge bug with a large scar across its face chasing a woman in what looked like the clothes made of fabric compared to my tanned hide clothing, She had red hair down tied back in a knot, she occasionally as she ran turned around and fired a few shots at the bug but it seemed to prove ineffective.
The bug ran her down, she suddenly disappeared only to reappear before she could take a shot on it, it reacted like lightning and struck her with its armoured side, she was thrown against a rock and knocked unconscious.
I got the overwhelming feeling that I knew the bug, then I realised it was the one I had sworn I would slay.

I swung my fathers rifle off my back and realised I only had two shots left, I took aim and fired the round struck its hide and only seemed to draw its attention and piss it off.

It turned its attention to me and charged, it felt as if the ground was shaking as it charged head on at me.
I stumbled backwards trying to get the last round in, I slid round in, loaded it and prepared to fire as I moved back.
I tripped over a rock and fell backwards as it leapt towards me going for the kill.
I slipped on the trigger pulling it the round went off, as the creature sailed through the air, the round penetrated through an odd looking spot on its underside, the bug spun in the air and crashed into the ground beside me.

I got got to my feet breathing heavily, The bug writhed in pain, I stared down at it and it reminded me off the deer if had, had to kill. I took out my knife and ended the bugs life pushing the knife through the chinks in its scale like hide.

I came to the woman who was still unconscious, she had a cut on the back of her head from the impact, I choose to carry her off and tend to her wounds at my camp. It was at least a few hours before she came round, she found herself with a substance with the texture of honey over the wound.

I took the questioning her after I gave her something to drink, She explained she was something know as an ark hunter and thanked me for dealing with what was know as a hellbug, not that she had to know it was pure luck. I told her my story, she told me hers.

She convinced me to come with her, it was at least a days walk before we arrived at what was she explained a bar where ark hunter socialised in till there was an ark fall to head out to.

It was in this bar when I first found out about the Votan races, I was jumpy, I whispered to her who are they and she explained the long story how she knew it.

Not long after she explained she worked for Von Bach Industries and this is where the ark hunters where meeting before they would be shipped out to the Bay Area. She said her boss would arrive and he might give me a job as an ark hunter working for him, she sorted me out with a set of civilian clothes not like my animal hide I had got used to wearing. It felt different uncomfortable of sorts wearing these new clothes but I guess I had to look proper in there eyes if I was going to get a job she also gave me as thanks a small pistol and some rounds for my sniper rifle before she headed off.

It was hours later that Karl Von Bach arrived with some more ark hunters, The Lady explained the situation to Von Bach and it was sudden he explained to me about something that made to sense to me an AI to help me in battle that would give me powers, I assumed like the lady had like when she had disappeared.

I agreed and some of scientists took to getting some equipment ready, as we boarded what was called a Stratocarrier, It wasn't long later before the scientists called me in. I was told to stand still on a cross and I felt a sudden prick on the back of my neck I had a sudden dazed sensation and was rushed out of the room by the scientists who had already started packing up.

I stumbled off sorts around the area the ark hunters where being kept and bumped into a group of people they sort of adopted me into there ranks, I had become a member of the United Ark Hunters Association.


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